martes, mayo 08, 2007

Bienvenue à Sarkoland / Welcome to Sarkoland

El pasado 1º de mayo hice estas fotos en Córdoba:

Me he encontrado mucho y mucho sobre las elecciones francesas en flickr, me quedo con las fotos de Hugo y el set Bienvenido a Sarkolandia:

On May 6th, a few thousand people gathered at Bastille for the results of the 2nd round of the presidential elections. At 8pm, the official estimates confirmed what most already knew from the Internet or SMS: Sarkozy had won, with more than 53% of the votes. Sadness gave way to anger and ultimately to violence, fuelled by some radical leftist groups and anarchists. This is the story of that night.

Please note however that tens of thousand of people joyfully celebrated the election of Sarkozy on the place de la Concorde. Therefore, this should by no way represent the whole story, I just couldn't be at both places at once !

PS: the title "Welcome to Sarkoland" is a direct reference to an article in Libération entitled "Bienvenue à Sarkoland", which has been used repeatedly by the BBC afterwards.

All shots taken with a 17-55mm (25-82 equivalent).

Photos are from 06 May 07.

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